»Subtiles Design« — 01

2019 — Editorial Design / Photography / Video


»Blickwinkel« – A portrait of places and buildings of the Berlin Modernism

Throughout history, Berlin has repeatedly proved to be a place where artists and creatives of all kinds can freely express themselves, a reputation it still holds today. The reasons for this include the social and political circumstances of the city, which also provided a great stage for the architects of the new building movement, especially the well known Bauhaus.

For example, in the course of the prevailing housing shortage from 1919 onwards, numerous social buildings were built under the direction of well-known architects such as Bruno Taut, Hans Scharoun and, last but not least, Walter Gropius. They are located in various districts throughout Berlin and, despite the proximity in time of their construction, bear their own unique signatures. Today they are known as the »Siedlungen der Berliner Moderne« (Berlin Modernist Housing Estates) and have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

The following photo series portrays these buildings and shows them in their present glory, 100 years after the foundation of the famous Bauhaus.



Interview with conceptual artist Chris Goennawein

Looking at the diverse works of artist and designer Chris Goennawein, one senses a real desire for absolute order and system. The grid, symmetry and a carefully selected, subtle colour scheme are recurring motifs in his work. However, the Berlin-by-choice artist with roots in Heidelberg impressively demonstrates how to remain original despite a supposedly reduced formal language, not least through his broad repertoire of different materials.

From classic prints on canvas to geometric sculptures made of steel and neon tubes, his individual style of expression is constantly changing - and succeeding. He gave us an exclusive look into his thoughts and process on generating new ideas.